Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sometimes... unintentionally U Hurt some 1 you Love the most in the world..

Hello dear friends..

It's about something which may happen in anybody's life.. nobody wants to hurt the one whom he loves the most in the world.. but now imagine a love two people but one of them doesn't like the another because of some reason.. then in such situation... you are in dilemma .. really such conditions are very hard to face..

As i told earlier you find your soul mate as you both have same frequency all the time.... and u got the intuition that god had made him or her for you only.. it's something very secretive.. nobody knows how and where one gets his/her soul mate! but there is something behind it is the intuition and frequency matching.. now assume that you found some one like this...and then.. your loved ones don't like him/her and they feel had hurt them by not asking about your xyz soul mate... but it's your own experience that what u felt about the person when u decide to say him/her your soul mate...but here what happens.. either you are not able to explain what are you feeling for your soul mate or they are not able to understand....

Here they feel that you are not taking care for them or you don't love them or you don't respect them... but truth is that you love and care them a lot..but because you also love some one else who is not loved by them.. they may feel such... but don't worry.. God knows that you love them both and you can't hurt any of them...

God surely helps in such circumstances if you pray from pure heart... and think and feel positive.. ask god for blessings and he will give a lot of divine energy... and soon such situations convert into All is Well na..!

So keep praying..keep loving.. love can win any one's heart.. Blessings can solve all the problems..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who is your soul mate ?

Hi friends...

We are living among lots of different kinds of people... They are different not only by looks but also by Nature, Personality, Thinking, Lifestyle.. You may impressed by some 1 as per your choice.. It is not necessary that if you are impressed by or like Mr. xyz then all your friends and family members must like him... No...Not at all necessary.. because there is a reason behind it.. let's reveal it..

The reason is We are living on different frequency at different times... sometimes you like to talk with some one.. and the after some moments or after some days you do not like that person but you like someone who is in your frequency.. Ohhh wt's this?? confusing na !!! chill yar... let me explain..

We decide our frequency by our Thoughts .. by our Ora.. by our we are feeling happy or sad or bore...etc..  We have seen that kids like to play with kids...and young like to hang out with their friends of their age.. It is because they have of thinking level.. but even in that also you like to be with some people even if they are not of your age.. Here if you are feeling good with them... because they are very positive and you feel good when you are with them..

Other than that there is another thing.. if you have very good tuning with some one... like you have same level of intellectual.. or positive feelings and behavior for each other and very good understanding.. You like some1 very strongly and all the time because he or she is in your frequency all the time.. that means if you become sad and it affects the other person so again you are in same frequency... And That is the person who is made for You only.. Who fills your life with lots of love.. your soul mate..

Love is so deep word but it's being spoiled now a days.. If you really love someone then also it's being called attraction.. But all the time we can't take care of everybody.. but whatever happens.. If your love is true then god has made a day .. wait for it..Enjoy and respect Love.. do not make it materialistic..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thought Becomes Thing..

Hello friends..

I Strongly believe that Thoughts become Things... Whatever you want in your life.. you must think that again and again.. because you are the creator of your own life.. Fear and Worry are very bad feelings of your life and many people are suffering from that... And we can not be happy all the time it's truth but we should try our best to be happy all the time.. because being happy emits positivity and which is required to get what you want...

So friends always Think constantly what you really want in your life.. it's a big topic and how it works we will see later on..

The beautiful gift for you..

We will see law of attraction in detail later on.. keep reading and enjoy every moment...